Monday, January 17, 2011


Ok Fellas, I need a favor done. This is for all my "Cell-Tech" users out there and others who wants a chance to win some free supps.

1. Go to:
2. Sign up, and set your referred person as "AllSwole"
3. Post in here that "AllSwole" referred you;
4. Then pick a number 1-350

Winner will be randomly chosen, you can win Either a bottle of Testpro, Maniac, Creatine Nitrate, or 1 bottle of Test-E.

Please try and bee some what active on this site, post a few times and actually learn something. I'm more than willing to give away my sources ect. for actual active users.

Finishing up my Log

Unfortunately, today is the day that I'm officially done with my Creatine Nitrate log sponsored by APS Nutrition. It has been a great well-rounded product that never failed me. My log can be located by looking up it up on Anabolic Minds.

Good News however, I'm running Appnuts's LIT UP here shortly!